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Hi, I'm Sevda

A UX designer based in Italy.

I help people to live better lives by making technology easier and more enjoyable to use.

Here‘s a selection of my work.



ArcoBEAT is a portable device for reading, georeferencing, storing, and sending data relating to emptying waste bins. We designed a new functionality for ArcoBEAT that enables the operators to quickly and easily report issues that could occur during waste collection.


Redesign of Esse3

Esse3 is a service provider of the University of Trento. We redesigned the internship and job offers section of Esse3, to enable students easily find and apply for internships and job opportunities that have been approved by the university.



Based on the methods of scenario-based product design, we designed a toy that reflected social and moral responsibilities through principles of open-ended and gender-neutral play, using fairly sourced sustainable materials.


Close Reading tool

In this project, I investigated digital opportunities for close reading by designing a tool to understand complex texts and using qualitative research methods.

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